DAYS THREE & FOUR: Selected Poems / by Mac Maclean

body I try

can’t leave you or.
left once. hated that. 
those hours above you.
to be a part removed and waiting. 
between inside you and between God. 
from there the inside of you looked empty
and God also. and I was just trying
trying to get back in you

where being inside you can feel so full of holding a dead woman’s hand.
imagine I am. 
except I am the dead woman
and I’m holding her
a little bit all the time


see through

I’m in
side you.
Nothing sexy
this time.
You’re just dead now.
Like I knew you
were. This time with
my hand
through your cheek. I
only wanted
to hold on like

You as a trail
of smoke in the
bedroom. Face once
on fire. Hands once
on fire.

Me a river
valley in the
Mountains crying
into themselves.


Mac Maclean is a poet and senior at Oberlin College. They co-host a queer radio hour and are eagerly waiting for the radio to make its Big Comeback! People can tune in on Fridays at 1pm on and check their face @hell.evator on Instagram.