DAY FIVE: Selected Poems / by Mac Maclean

The Prevention
erasure from The Prevention: Get Thin, Get Young Plan


Get Thin, get your life
around somebody you love or
you hate, just because
you are not interested in yourself. you go
to the parking lot at work
and definitely cry.
you’ll figure out how to live without someone
else’s image of who you should be—forever.
am I so confident

approach that hunger during the
blood moving time.
lose the whole family
to exercises.
I know it’s so good.
so much healthier.


what happens

we break people
feel lost lost lost


here’s the great news:
this is all you want
that you have.


body lost. in
the morning
and evening
I walked farther.
I am lost I am
not tired


Mac Maclean is a poet and senior at Oberlin College. They co-host a queer radio hour and are eagerly waiting for the radio to make its Big Comeback! People can tune in on Fridays at 1pm on and check their face @hell.evator on Instagram.