a lovely chord / it ends / by Jessica K Baer

This is the story of jessica the alien being jessica was wandering in the woods and came upon hands those hands were holding light in the tress jessica was exhausted shed written about deer forever jessicas deer head was broken you can read widely thats faulkners advice I have trouble reading I just want to shut down maybe get drunk forever and ever

are you sad about yr mental health?
its okay now sometimes
just ash

from athroat cigarette toni got the tobacco at the farm
she dissociated too but im not a she

yr not toni

no I dont know who I am or where I lost my compass
went away, I need help ghosts I think

this is a nice story

im afraid to love aliens

one time I loved an alien so much I drowned in the whole ocean

aliens dont bring you back to life
only electricity can but it doesnt work for frankenstein he stays dead
does frankenstein have a sex

you wrote the ufo diaries didnt you

yes I was really scared of planes

rat tat tat tat tat

airoplane guns
behind an opening
window to

that might be something for angles to pull apart

im to weak to die twice

when you were
flowers I missed you

all the other
words hurt too

being in this world
words go into the ground

I dont think I can go anywhere
I can only go floating im
skimming the water table

tops: I dont want to be poetry any more
I hurt whenever I try to summon the electrical voice

im not a conduit bc my circuit got grounded
like a plane I was afraid of

a plane goes to the docket of planes

bract the neck of a word
planes driving thru the earths core

those were molten wings
lots of iron to set

thats shimmering ocean in the middle

bothearth sounds good
the talking between thoughts
thoughts bt talking
some sites there

silhouette afterlight

im a crane

I dont ever want to be
turned into a horse

help me be a power drill

im scared to invoke the hannah weiner nite
of verses and reverses
thats magic

when you're going back

she was talking in the doorway
when he shoved in
youre wedged always
in the ghost
but not help ghosts
they dont come

when you're calling

horses in the field
pick yr favorite
horses horses horses

horses theres a betting parlor
yr dad makes you think of
shadows along the bathhouse
you go loping
between sex

a shamed of letting them
come in you came in

as else where
bodies touching body
bag is w in the goo

im imagining how much blood
I could give you

these are simple words for

these are simple words fore

force an opening
then greased
you slick thundered into
a warm wet hole

lightning shoots yr eyeballs
I forgot to finish scanners in the same
bed, a breath
of fresh air when you got out
side along the middle

the highway rodeos
a car crash even just
by looking at the
thing turns inside out

measure it unbounded
foot steps at the wetdark
compost piles

under the table
soft in yr laps: hands
that drink you
back to really light

yr eyeballs popped
out into blood

the curl of one plants
neck curls around an other

borealis coronal

chorine little sweet voice
frm the mirror of a petal
life goes into
of parts

this glances back

wide country

boots for the square
you dont want to
be alone there

yr limp wrists
yr scared ooze
yr baby boy
girl unhearing bird

birds gravity circle
pull thru

jessicas maybe
on the water

front face faces
runneling at a surface

of eye's seeing them
selves balls that
rolled up in
to you? Forms

maybe we can almost
write w blood of
our selves
going under

im not clark coolidge &
I lied on the floor
earlier, when I was trying
to talk like the ufo diaries
they never picked me up
the cb radio wires
were frayed & broke off
clasps at beginning to try
to broad cast

my broke receiver
the horse ears dont
go up rabbit ears dont
relay a sound just
lie down & take it up
in a space

ship, thats how it
it is just lying down
taking it
go quiet toe hold
cliff, you deafened many
times ghosts, moons' upper voices now
too, jessica loves an alien

& drown into the world
bothearth molten unconscious
oceans also, radioactive sight
reading map, listen green
to rechord

angels come down
ladders lead back a
round to horses

jessica had them
hooves gently tipping
first, grazing the green
to its stem: this disc
holds you turn
into faces folds to
gether & we
water moons always
the bulb spins & shoots
twisted them green
moss clamored inside
a left behind bone

concrete anchors
you strip mine
not this time

2. i wont
hurt you / diamonds
fall back

stone out
crop circles

a lovely drift, to mirrors / unreal voices
behind behind hills
locked into yr
unhearing landscape

this reverses eye
under went back
wordsdeer, undeered
yr deer / greenwords
that always pulled out
past yr circle
is death, before animals

god in the middle
I was always a
side to you / wild horses couldnt
keep me out

3. A coda

square dance clods
ponderosa pine
figures carousel

horses exit stage
autogenic earth then
turned me into
a horses, earth surfaces
& parts at
horizon aligns unlikely
to event
unfolds in corona

dustcloud dance
& water table
just ooze
an other

a lovely chord
it ends




Jessica K Baer received their BA in Creative Writing from Georgia State University in 2011. They live and do field rechordings in Chicago. Their work has been featured in Fruita Pulp, Horse Less Review, Deluge Journal, Prelude, and Sugar Mule. They also have a future chapbook with Magic Helicopter Press called Holodeck One (2016). They have a lifetime ban from Whole Foods and love horses. Email them about paranormal mysteries at baerjessica@gmail.com.